Sophie Hutchings
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Released August 13, 2010

1631 Recordings / Preservation Recordings


Becalmed is Sydney based pianist Sophie Hutchings’ debut album. Sophie was surrounded by music from a young age. The family piano naturally pulled her towards the mysteries and delights of composition and improvisation. In fact, the opening piece Seventeen is named after the age she was at the time of its birth. On this startling debut Sophie’s compositions move from sparse and graceful, to tempestuous and epic. Drums, cello, violin, organ and percussion accentuate these flights without overwhelming the beauty and starkness of the compositions contained therein. Becalmed was produced in Sydney with engineer Tim Whitten, known for his ongoing work with legendary Australian avant-garde trio The Necks, as well as in Kangaroo Valley by Tony Dupe whose own work as Saddleback has been met with much acclaim. Like it’s namesake, Becalmed is still, haunted and unexpected. A hypnotic and enthralling debut.