Sophie Hutchings
  1. Candela -:-- / -:--
  2. Repose -:-- / -:--
  3. Tomorrow -:-- / -:--

‘Candela’ is the new mini release of a couple of B-Sides taken from Sophie’s mini album ‘Byways’ which was recorded in the quiet of the night from her lounge room…

Of Byways and Candela, Sophie says ‘When I was younger I was very shy about sharing my music and I’d practice late at night with the practice pedal down. For admirers of this approach one knows it also lends itself to a more dreamy pretty tone which naturally adds to its gentle mood. I often play this way so as not to disturb my neighbors. I recorded it at home here and there between 1am – 3am so it felt natural for it to be a sleepy dreamy style recording.. In such a hectic world the idea is to take one into a nocturnal hushed mood or just an album to simply day dream to. It’s there behind you however it doesn’t have to be there if you don’t want it to be. A subconscious listen perhaps’.

Released March 29, 2018

1631 Recordings

Artwork by Alec Webster