Sophie Hutchings
  1. Caress -:-- / -:--
  2. North North West -:-- / -:--
  3. Sway -:-- / -:--
  4. Always -:-- / -:--
  5. The Road -:-- / -:--
  6. Pipe Dream -:-- / -:--

Released March 29, 2017
Vinyl / CD / Digital

1631 Recordings / Hobbledehoy Record Co

The music of Australian pianist Sophie Hutchings is lucid and deep, overflowing with beauty. Her fifth studio album Yonder takes inspiration from a long journey through a beautiful and largely vacant landscape. Thoughts are allowed to run free, and Sophie’s piano playing is free, too. On Yonder, she drives her liberated piano through a spectacular and ever-changing landscape sculpted by nothing but the natural world. Yonder is a flowing, unravelling road, with loose rhythms and unchained melodies encapsulating the freedom both here, behind and up ahead. Yonder is an adventurous, off-road endeavour. With wonderfully expansive melodies and a subtle, sensitive touch, Sophie is able to bring out these feelings of freedom, and so too is the listener able to daydream completely.