Sophie Hutchings is a Sydney based composer and pianist. Whilst improvising and composing sporadically from her teens onwards as well as moonlighting with acts such as Bluebottle Kiss, Marty Wilson-Piper, Holly Throsby and her brother Jamie’s solo work her own work remained out of earshot.

A private outlet that enchanted those fortunate enough to catch Sophie off guard mid play. When she was finally coaxed into recording her material by Tony Dupe and Tim Whitten what became debut album ‘Becalmed’ was initially a mixture of vocal and instrumental pieces. However the wordless pieces seemed to invisibly take the reins with a power that was at once meditative and visceral. Sophie’s years of silence on the recording front had given birth to a recording that held an astonishing power. With the release of her debut ‘Becalmed’ on Sydney based label Preservation Records the album met with passionate responses all over the globe including UK music bible Mojo magazine who declared it as

“..Stirring, vigorous, grandly melodic…” and listed it in their top 5 underground releases of the year.

As well as touring locally and captivating audiences with performances both accompanied and solo Sophie has also found time to record her second album. In many ways Sophie’s debut lived up to the contrariness of its title. Like the sea it was both placid and malevolent, often in the same piece. ‘Night Sky’ her second album equals the nocturnal stillness of its title.The accompanying film clip ‘Shadowed’ (directed by her brother Scott Hutchings) is a perfect introduction. The hypnotic quality of the Australian bush, the pauses and spare field recordings all take the listener to a space that cannot be explained. Only felt.


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Sophie Hutchings - Night Sky

Sophie Hutchings - Becalmed

Nuojuva - Valot Kaukaa

Music and Migration II

Ous Mal - The Remixes

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Sunlight Zone

Sophie Hutchings – 2 songs from her album ‘Becalmed’ [HD] – Music Show, ABC Radio National


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In light

Between earth and sky

Sabers beads

Last quarter

Sunlight Zone

Following Sea

After Most

It Remains

Between Two Hills

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Here’s just some of the reviews that Sophie has received in the international press.

“Becalmed” featured along with other international artists in the 2010 Mojo top 5 underground releases.

“Stirring, vigourous, grandly melodic”Mojo Magazine

“Frankly amazing . .  the whole album holds you in a state of rapture that feels as if you’re about to burst into tears at any second at the sheer beauty of it, and I say that without condition. If there’s a higher praise than that, I can’t think of it. “db Magazine’s Patrick Lang

“Hutchings suggests a gentle but persistent exploration – its emotions controlled but not expunged, it’s emphasis on barely-notice-at-first momentum. And always, always, with this album a sense of genuine beauty. – Sydney Morning Herald Bernard Zeul it appears clear that Sophie’s music possess a narrative quality similar to that of music scored for film. Her solo compositions underline the quality of her key play, which whilst intimate in construction appear grand and vivid in execution.”Fluid Radio

“A stunningly expressive performer, Hutchings is confident enough to take what others would consider risks and turn them into personal triumphs. A fully fledged Romantic narrative of heartfelt melodies and striking harmonies, possessing a fullness of sound rarely heard in solo works” -The Silent Ballet – David Murrieta

“This is the kind of music artists spend their whole lives trying to create: music with a depth and substance that appeals to a listener’s whole range of emotions.  Hutchings has a preternatural ability in composing music that walks the thin line between sadness and joy, darkness and light, making Becalmed an engaging, emotional listen.  Listen alone, share with another, but listen.”Foxy Digitalis – Curran Faris

“..in the main it’s a restrained and contemplative work, with these tender, at times vulnerable runs of notes that seem to plug straight into the emotions. Regardless of the bluster that exists in your day to day life it’s impossible to put this album on and not be immediately soothed.”Cyclic Defrost –  Bob Baker Fish

” Her playing is so unabashedly sincere that it ceases to matter that it’s staunchly traditional and unwaveringly classical. A strong sense of narrative turns these conventionally aching songs into something special, with each containing its own measure of melancholy.” - Mess and Noise - Shaun Prescott

“..a rare emotive candour and breadth. It echoes with a loose, almost improvisational sensibility that resists simple definitions or outcomes.”The Big Issue - Dan Rule

” Pensive and florid by turn, the piece wends its way through flowing passages both delicate and impassioned, slowing down here and speeding up there, until the impressionistic playing turns ever more dazzling when overdubbed clusters and rolling figures achieve maximum density—a bravura start to an album with many more pleasures up its sleeves.”Textura Magazine

” A strong statement of song that holds emotion and fragility equal with elegance and continues to push one of the oldest forms of music to new ground as well as new hands.”  - Time Off Jo Hill

Tower Records – Japan

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Melbourne Recital Centre

Melbourne Recital Centre – Olafur Arnalds with Sophie Hutchings



Perth International Arts Festival


Perth Festival 2014 Contemporary lineup.




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Night Sky follow up performance….

After Sophie’s beautiful acoustic performance along side Strings Peter Hollo and Jay Kong.  Guest appearance Lee Hutchings Flute / Oboe and Reuben Wills Musical...

LIVE SHOWS – Night Sky Launch Sydney and Melbourne
As I don’t play very often here is your opportunity…


SYDNEY ‘Night Sky Launch’ with An Infinity Room (AIR) COLBOURNE AVE, CAFE CHURCH 37 ST JOHNS...
New album release ‘Night Sky’ – 31st August 2012

Having continued to grow her audience through steady sales since her initial burst, Hutchings has recorded her follow up, Night Sky, due for release...