My new album ‘A World Outside’ based around a very unique road trip I embarked on last year is coming out Oct 27th 2023.

Road trips have always played a pretty large role in my life. They have this amazing ability to transport us elsewhere. There’s a sense of freedom and adventure that are pretty hard to match I love the challenge of the unexpected, and this one was that…

It was a momentous one, hundreds of miles away from civilization, a land steeped in ancient indigenous and geological history, following a landscape bathed in magical red and orange hues…

Just like the scenery on a road trip transports you, I think music does the same thing, it heightens that sense of emotion and taps into that deep sense of our own selves… I wanted to douse myself in this landscape’s wild and untamed openness interpreting that experience through music. It’s a way of making lasting memories and this album is my way of documenting that… I look forward to taking you there…

In Celebration of World Sleep Day 2023, 22 universal music group artists from across the globe debut 50 new pieces. Music has always played a significant role for me in quieting the mind. My contribution, Time To Forget, is about culling the vast amount of information the brain collects, absorbs and processes throughout the day and letting it all go. The melody has this purposeful hypnotic riff throughout lulling you into that peaceful quiet space we all love to go and this kind of ambient music is an inviting way to take you there. I hope it brings you the quietude this kind of music brings myself.

The track features my long time beautiful friend and Cellist Peter Hollo and some spectacular soprano vocals performed by Sandra Lui and Josephine Stark.

After a 6 week tour in Europe and recent return from the overflowing & colourful Dark Mofo festival I’ll be doing my last show for a while with my full line up!………

Head to the warm loungey artist hub of Venue 505 where we’ll be bringing together a collection of my most recent releases from ‘Wide Asleep’ and ‘Yonder’ …….

Joining me on the night are very special guests The Tall Grass. The duo is a collaboration between two of Australia’s most esteemed cult songwriters Peter Fenton (Crow) and my older brother Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss/Infinity Broke).

S O P H I E    H U T C H I N G S  + Special Guests T H E   T A L L G R A S S – Friday 28th July


Join the FB event here:



I’ll be playing two Solo shows in March prior to heading off to Europe.  One in Sydney with my fine Piano friend Luke Howard… A night fully devoted to Solo Piano. You can grab tickets and further details here:

Sydney March 16th:

and another in Melbourne with another couple of beautifully talented friends Tony Dupe and Clair Deak who go under the guise ‘Abandoned Fireworks Factory,’ Details can be found here:

Melbourne March 23rd:

Wide Asleep will be released July 22nd 2016!

It’s been a lengthy yet purposeful journey and I’m really pleased that it’s finally availble  to share with you. It’s now your turn to take ‘Wide Asleep’ on your own listening journey to where ever that may be.

There’s also a boutique Vinyl edition available for Vinyl lovers.  You can read about and pre-order ‘Wide Alseep’ in all available formats here….



XX Sophie

One cannot always translate their visions or feelings into human words but the piano can… This is why I love it. So I offer you “In the Wake”. My personal contribution in celebration of Nils Frahms declared annual holiday. ‘Piano Day’ 2016. With a bonus clip filmed and directed by Scott Hutchings. in the wake sophie hutchings piano day 2016
Enjoy XX

Sophie Hutchings, black and white photo

I’m excited to announce that plans are underway for my new album’s  release!

Vinyl fans will be pleased to know this one is being released on Vinyl ~!!

(Also available in CD & Digital format)

My third full length album is entitled Wide Asleep and will be released through Preservation Records.

To secure your pre-order we are currently running a Pozible campaign for one month to ensure the production of VINYL which involves some special rewards – including Drift; an exclusive album of intimate solo recordings produced by yours truly that will be solely limited to this campaign!  There will only be 100 handmade editions and a limited number available for download. You can check out what else is on offer and secure your copy of Wide Asleep in all available formats on Pozible.

I’ve  immersed my whole being  into this record and I look forward to you being a part of making something special for Wide Asleep’s release.

I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you!

Any queries can be directed through the contact link on my website:

Get comfy in the lovely candle lit surrounds of the newly named Glebe Justice Centre (formerly Glebe Cafe Church)

FRI 20th FEB 15

As part of the opening celebration as a not-for-profit organisation with a rights-based approach to community development Glebe Justice Centre are hosting a range of artists and community events over the week from Sunday 15th February. I’ll be performing Friday 20th February with my lovely lads Jay Kong (Violin) and Peter Hollo (Cello).

TIX $15 Pre-sale $10 Concession or $20 at the door http:


FACEBOOK: https: