After Sophie’s beautiful acoustic performance along side Strings Peter Hollo and Jay Kong.  Guest appearance Lee Hutchings Flute / Oboe and Reuben Wills Musical Saw at Cafe Church November last year… Sophie who rarely performs live returns with a follow up to Night Sky’s release at the Quirky Camelot Lounge….

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” This demands attention and rewards it handsomely.  Night Sky is the soundtrack to a film too heartbreakingly beautiful to exist.” – Andrew P Street Mess + Noise

“And always, always, with this album a sense of genuine beauty” – Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

“Stirring, vigourous, grandly melodic” – Mojo Magazine

“Frankly amazing . . the whole album holds you in a state of rapture that feels as if you’re about to burst into tears at any second at the sheer beauty of it, and I say that without condition. If there’s a higher praise than that, I can’t think of it. ” – db Magazine

” Expect to hear pins drop as she plays” Sydney Metro

As I don’t play very often here is your opportunity…

SYDNEY ‘Night Sky Launch’ with An Infinity Room (AIR)

Cafe Church in Glebe is a perfect best of both worlds scenario. It’s
BYO everything – last time we were there a group were sharing a
massive cake whilst another gent was grazing away with a lovely cheese
platter / wine combo. There’s a  beautiful grand piano  set up in the
middle of the room ensuring everyone gets a birds eye view. I’ve been
looking for a venue where the audience can feel relaxed without the
distractions of bar clatter but without the awkwardness of a stilted
overly formal environment. I think Cafe Church is probably it.

MELBOURNE ‘Night Sky Launch’ with Grand Salvo

The absolute beauty of Playing in a beautiful old Church is the Sound that resonates off the walls… The Organic tone that motions through out which sets a mood that is unusually different to that of your everyday venue..
Richmond Uniting Church in Melbourne also offers a beautiful Grand Piano.

Having continued to grow her audience through steady sales since her initial burst, Hutchings has recorded her follow up, Night Sky, due for release in the second half of 2012.

More lush in scope than Becalmed, Night Sky reveals Hutchings’ compositional style flowering with more instrumentation and bolder intent, somehow balancing the beautiful fragility in her work with a deeper sense of urgency. Hutchings has proven a striking live presence either solo or accompanied, each performance undoubtedly finding new fans in a notoriously fickle arena.